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Italian designers, cutters, tailors and seamstresses are responsible for the creation of some of the highest quality garments in the world.  For centuries this passion for exquisite tailoring coupled with the creation and use of fine fabrics has been passed down through generations.  Italian Essentials was created to support Italy’s fine artists of the sartorial trade and give you access to these incredible Italian Made-To-Measure (also known as ‘MTM’) garments, as well as some standard-sized garments.  It is our mission to contribute to the longevity of the centuries old art of fine tailoring here in Italy called, ‘sartoria’ and ‘l’arte sartoriale’.  Here, proud Italian artists craft timeless clothing pieces to your precise measurements using expert skills, fine fabrics, buttons, and trims.  The love of what we do is woven into each of our garments that we carefully create just for you.   We are here for those who believe in quality of construction, investing in key pieces, and building a wardrobe to last.

We believe that clothing should have to fit you, not vice versa.  We have offer coordinating, essential pieces that are fully customizable to you.  We truly construct each piece of clothing for you; addressing your specific needs and desires.  We focus on creating the wardrobe basics that are as fundamental as they are fabulous; pieces worthy of a sound investment.  We provide Made-To-Measure solutions to the basic needs of a well-planned wardrobe.  Our garments are made to stand the test of time as classics do.   They are made using high quality materials to hold up under years of future use.  These pieces are your go-to pieces and having them specially and specifically crafted for you, they are sure to please and make you feel confident in your presentation.   You choose the best options of fabric and color for your needs, insert your measurements and we take care of the rest.   You deserve to get what you pay for.  You deserve to have clothing that is both well-made and well-fitted.  You know that feeling when try something on only to discover that it not only fits like a glove but you look amazing in it as well? That rush?  Well, we want that scenario to be a whole lot less ‘miraculous’ and a whole lot more ‘just as expected’.   We aim to exceed your expectations, using quality materials and a perfect fit.

Our customers are extremely varied.  From the business woman who needs to look her best in the office and while traveling, to the housewife who is content only when she does not look like a housewife but a woman well-pampered, to the fresh graduates looking to prove their worth in the workplace, to the woman who works out at the gym and can’t find a perfect fit for her sculpted arms and thighs, to those who have special design demands due to a diversely shaped body. They all, however, have one thing in common.  They want to have their clothing fit them beautifully and they are tired of literally hunting for that ‘off the rack’.

We find ourselves in a unique place.  We like to think it is because we work with people who demonstrate a true passion for what they do, a passion that even the untrained eye can see in their craft.  There is visible, tangible pride in each and every finely created garment.  At Italian Essentials, our seamstresses and tailors are well aware of their worth but their real win is having this opportunity to exceed our clients’ expectations all the while demonstrating true passion for their chosen profession.   All of our sartorial artists here are encouraged to continue to learn and grow and generously give back to those just entering the field.  Supporting and encouraging the younger generation, we can ensure that Italian sartoria will continue as long as people wear clothing.   Italian Essentials offers a  flexible and open environment that is conducive to the expression of talent and skill without sacrificing the Italian family-centric lifestyle.  The seamstresses and tailors creating your garments are men and women, mothers and fathers, aunts, uncles, and even grandmothers and grandfathers working in a healthy, clean, family-centric place where it is obvious that their well-being is just as important as a profit margin that enables our continuation of what we all love.  It is important to us that everyone contributing to crafting your clothing is happily expressing and developing their talents and that they do so in the most positive environment we can provide.  That is why there is so much passion in our garments; they are crafted by experts in the trade, and each one is individual and unique to each customer.  We delight in our collective success and hope it is very long-lived, passing on to future generations.  You, the customer, are the center of all of this. You make this possible and we thank you for the opportunity to show our appreciation and gratitude.

pure double sided silk

What does Momme mean?

Momme is a quality and weight measurement of silk, defined as the weight in pounds of silk fabric using a standard  ’45 inches by 100 yard’ measurement.

These weights can be from 5 momme on up. Normally, a high quality silk is 30 momme and it is prized for its durability. The higher the weight in momme, the more durable the weave. The heavier the silk, the more opaque it becomes.
Our silk is a luxurious 40 momme and it shows.

We searched high and low to find such a silk but in the end, it paid off.
You can find this in our blouses and our loungewear.

If you wish for us to make something else for you with our splendid silk, ask away.



You will find Punto Milano knit being used by some of the best clothiers worldwide.

Why? Well, because it is a durable, soft and comfortable fabric that is especially easy to cut with precision.

We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, just the way you go about using it.
We spent months searching and finally chose to go with a very special Punto Milano knit that is perfect for cool conditions found in many parts of the world, air-conditioned offices, fall weather, and even those cold winter months.
You can find this throughout our pieces presented here whether it is a jacket, a skirt, a suit, trousers, or even a warm top.

If you don’t find what you are looking for in our Punto Milano knit, just ask.

Mixed Twill Fabric

Mixed Twill Fabric

We wanted to keep things really simple to avoid overwhelming you with choices but we wanted to add one more fabric to the mix that was not a knit. That was a challenge due to our requirements for our fabric; they must be wrinkle-resistant, travel well, and look amazing. Finally we found it! It is an elegant yet technical fabric even used to make show jackets for professional equestrian riders. The technical part stays hidden in the weaves of the fabric. What you get is a fabric that is elegant, wearable for hours and hours, does not crease easily even when tossed about, keeps you warm without adding bulk, gives without being too stretchy, and is very durable. You can find this featured in our Equestre pieces. Personally, we love it and hope you do too.

If you would like us to make you something special like a Made to Measure dressage riding jacket, just ask.