Made to Measure & Special Orders

Here at Italian Essentials LLC our Made to Measure (MTM) clothing does not use a standard size. All our clothing is designed, drafted and cut when we have your measurements and your order. You decide what you want and we craft it just for you. In addition to MTM, we also offer Special Order service and Bespoke services.

Made to Measure is:
Anything that has been made to a customer’s specific sizing, requiring a special pattern to be drafted for each specific client. This is what makes a real difference between off the rack and MTM. Your clothing is mapped out using your measurements and a unique pattern is handmade. Then, and only then is the fabric hand cut and sewn just for you.

Each time you order, a new unique pattern is designed for you by an expert hand. The only exception to this is if you wish to reorder the same garment in the same cut (and your own measurements have remained the same). We have selected some classic pieces to choose from and believe them to be essential building blocks of a wardrobe. If you wish to have us create one of our pieces with modifications for you, we will gladly create a ‘Special Order’.

Special Order items include:
Items from our Essentials collection with modifications to our designs such as a longer hem, a different collar to those we offer, special buttons, or other modifications you have in mind using our own fabrics available. If there is an added cost for your modifications, you will be advised prior to accepting your order. Ask for an estimate.

Bespoke items include:
All items that are in style and/or fabric combinations not offered in our collection. We are happy to take Bespoke Orders in our own designs or designs of your creation. We can also use fabric supplied by our customer for Bespoke Orders. Delivery times for Bespoke Orders are generally 4 – 6 weeks from receipt of order but this can be longer at certain times of year. We also offer consulting with a designer to create your own unique one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing. Pricing upon request.

For customers who are quite a bit outside a standard size range, we have to use more fabric, there may be an extra charge. In the case that we must use much more fabric for an order, and we must charge extra due to extra fabric being used, we will advise you prior to accepting your order. We do not generally charge for alterations made by us, if any are required once the garment has been made (provided you send the garment back to us for the desired alterations). The patterns we make can be used again for future orders if our customer has not had any physical changes (including weight/height/structure/surgery) since their last order.